Hello, world!

Yes, “Hello, World!” is the default WordPress first posting, but I had to do this. Its a classic and the first thing I write when trying something new (other than foo). The day when each of my children were born, the first email announcing their birth (from them) was of course “Hello, World!” Yes, I’m a geek (or is that a nerd?) but one who keeps very busy enjoying and experiencing life to the fullest (sometimes with the lab; Disclaimer: Either life or the antithesis (grant writing) may cause big gaps in postings here!). I’ve created this blog because I kept having items I wanted to tweet about, but didn’t, because there wasn’t enough characters. I’ll primarily write here about stuff involving microbes, science, and our lab (the “our” is important – the lab is a fantastic group of people and wouldn’t exist without them!). Other interests will likely filter in… We’ll see!

About fionabrinkman

Microbe-loving bioinformaticist and genomics researcher/professor aiming to better control infectious diseases in a sustainable way.
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